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'Whistleblowers' - The new EP from Alt Track. Nov, 2013.


released November 15, 2013

Alt Track are:
Micky Dey & Pete Williams

Guest performers -
Kurt Wood - Electric Guitar
Martha Cecilia - Vocals on Life To Lead
Barney Boom - Vocals on This Is Our Punk Rock

Produced and mixed by Alt Track & Kurt Wood
All songs written by Alt Track, apart from 'How Lucky', by John Prine.
Published by Bomber Music Ltd. 2013

Artwork design by Jon Simmons (www.jonsimmonsdesign.co.uk) based on an original photo by Mark Williams.



all rights reserved


Alt Track Bradford, UK

Hey, we're Alt Track, a touring punk band meshing together elements of punk rock, drum & bass, spoken word and hip-hop. We've been playing together since 2007, played over 200 gigs, released our debut album, 'Silence Is Approval' back in 2009, moved to London, moved back to Bradford, and are now back on the road. ... more

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Track Name: Whistleblowers

Back with a sound and a rhyme 1, 2,
Construct like a ship in a bottle,
O the march, in line to the drum,
Got my war paint on like the battle it has just begun.

Kill me, fill me, shake me, break me,
Teach me a lesson about the fake me,
Mask on, mask off, a fiction from the bottom to the top.

(I've) I got a little tip on a new thing,
Encrypted like a knot in a shoe string,
Reminder to the old world masters,
The pros have gotta catch up with the amateurs.

(They say) no wonder it's out of our hands,
(They say) we built a world we don't understand,
(They say) let the people do what their told,
22 years old when she gave the weight back to the world.

There's no redemption.
Will my saviour be a friend to me?
Call it aiding the enemy.

There's no prevention.
As finite as the fire in the heart,
Of a crumbling empire's detention centre.

Hey listen close here man,
There is something i don't understand.
You hand their fate to a secret trial,
Or a cuban bay left rotting on remand.

Stand up.
Now is the time to be blowing the whistle, informing the people.
Ask the question who's being protected?
Making you safer, reading your messages.

Well they're protecting themselves.
And they're protecting wealth.
They'll protect what they've got,
They're conserving the pile while they sit comfortably at the top

If you've got secrets, now's the time to tell them.
We're all ears to what you got to show us,
This one's for you, This one's for the Whistleblowers.
Track Name: This is Our Punk Rock, feat. Barney Boom (Sonic Boom Six)

Yo when i was born,
Into tales of trial and scorn,
Heard the voice of a riot, a storm,
Learnt over obstacle and injury to
Glide with ability, to fly with agility,
The line between sky and sea,
Their crime is a fallacy,
They make a place for their enemies,
Let me show you what it means to me.
This is our punk rock, I heard the movement's heart stop when i sat back to watch

Clocked and drop it, like we could never stop,
Or be afraid of change, the future's unchained, unclaimed,
Like a rage fueled animal, such a mechanical response to a mind at odds with itself,
I'm feeling sick from standing still, the crowd stood frozen like those statues on the hill,
I don't think we've thought this through but of course we're going to change the world 'cos what else can we do?

It's killing us all, it's killing us all,
I've got my hands tied back against the wall,
But the masses stand tall
Don't act like we already lost it,
There's no need to take the power back if we already got it,
Clock it, drop it, tell it again and again,
Till you make your man step down fall in line with a bitter trend.
It doesn't matter if you called him a friend,
When the system's on a lock down then it will not relent

But what's this? Another Prince out to take the piss?
A razor tongue slits the wrist of a broken promise.
I've got couple more reasons to be here,
Like not trying to fear change, gotta change fear.
See here.
Tell it again and again,
The lie runs faster than the truth it's a shame.
Till you really don't know what to believe
except the world's a twisted place,
but it won't twist me.

This is our Punk Rock, I heard the movement's heart stop when i sat back to watch.
Track Name: Life to Lead, feat. Marf (La La & the Booya)

One man rests whilst
another man fights to the death
in a town neglected by the west
whilst a boy with a head full of fear
catches shells in a nation not conquered in years

i, sit on a bench,
feeling broken and diminished.
cursing every penny wasted,
every drink i couldn't finish.

this city's at its limits,
these cramped conditions
seem to be dampening spirits

i personify the sun and sky
each moment that it hits me,
every sentence is a city

and in a world made of words
this one is full of bad grammar,
don't be taken in
by the romance and the glamour

people gathered to be hammered
screaming "death from above"
can't you see the middle ground
has been stolen from us?
in a world where the war speaks more
than the scornful voice of its tragic victim

we've all got a life to lead
how long will it take till we get what we need

it's a sign of the time when a kid
can't be hid from a truth that exists
she gave me a glimpse and it nearly
made me believe the oasis exists

it's a sign of the time when a
tablets a shortcut to bliss
i'm just waiting for your name to become meaningless

it's a sign of the time when a
kid helps to smash up the
street where he lives
they say he's got no voice
but that don't bother him
boredom landed him in trouble (geezer's need excitement)
but that got smashed in a flash
with the glass under feet
that had fell to the street
and when the days complete
it was at least a release
and he could feel his heart beat beating,

we've all got a life to lead
how long will it take till we get what we need

well this ain't how the story ends
when there's no telling enemies from friends
mistrust breeds mistrust and they don't give a fuck
about a causal connection if the head-lines up

reason is down on its knees,
blaming the symptom for the disease,
you can believe what you want,
that's fine, if you know it ain't real
Track Name: Taking the Edge Off

Gotta stay true to the ghost that's inside of you
view from the side of the road unfolds
in this new time zone, we got a challenge on our hands
like this line of police with their chain of command,
i'm restless, if border's too high to cross
i'm gonna blame every arrow till the gain fades to loss
you can see miles from the top of that tree
tell me there's rest for the wicked in the land of the free

i'm taking the edge off a bad day,
a bad place a bad dream

cross to the side of the road there's a sign
for a portal invites mere mortals to stare
every ex-lovers there, conversing in verses
a hearse and an absence of curses
care for the weather report? we glide through time
like a season repeating in cycles if bicycle
spokes could hum notes, this valley might
shake till it breaks and the island is broke

so i'm taking the edge off a bad day,
a bad place a bad dream

walk. until you get the sense in your bones
you don't know the direction of home
i'm miles on already and we should have prepared our goodbyes
now it's too late for lies

i saw in you what i only recognised from myself
if the health of the core's long gone
then it's goodbye for now, and god knows it's futile
but if there's a finish line i'll see you
if there's a finish line i'll see you
it might just be the race that we been through
but facing the facts ain't an act to undo.
Track Name: City Trippin/How Lucky (John Prine)

saintly stations stretching
from the stars hanging over me
dancing through each district
no regard for its history
every street's unnamed til it
sees a little victory
every time's unclaimed
til it's grabbed by me,

laughing at the crackheads
with their question begging decadence
screaming at the sky
without a referent, elephant
in the room, staring at the
lines on my palms
i've got no qualms
sound the alarm

i'm lost without a vision,
every step taken forward
realising more that life's
a solo mission
i've heard your proposition,
heard it a million times,
i've heard what you call real talk
it isn't
city trippin,
love letter to a life in opposition
to the things your friends accepted
as a given
written not in blood,
sweat or tears,
not fears for signals given,
nothing but experiments in living

i've got a present to buy, and a future to sell

scream invincibility
to every past misery
i've got a night time of
life line left
until the morning comes
i'll be laughing quite defiantly,
accepting or denying
the reality
night time is the only time
to see this rich man's playground
poor man's workhouse
lost man's compound
i'm gliding through it's veins
like an unchained melody
features lost to me,
northbound frequency

i've got a present to buy, and a future to sell